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Ploeger field tests first five wheeler.

Dutch firm Ploeger is field testing its first five-wheeled application machine. Called the AT5105, the details are limited, but we can reveal that the second of three pre-production machines planned for this year is nearing completion at the company’s facility at Roosendaal (NL). This machine is destined for the North American launch, and we understand that the third machine, which will be fitted with a slurry tank, will remain in Europe.

The concept is identical to that of the three-wheeled AT4103 launched earlier this year, and the AT5015 uses the same ZF Eccom CVT, four-point suspended Claas cab, chassis, software and controls.

It also has the same front end, but then with a more powerful engine, namely a Scania DC13 6-pot Stage IV block that kicks out 550hp. The main difference at the rear is the inclusion of the two mechanically-powered and steerable axles, which says the company results in a tight turning circle and a smooth ride in the field.

The machine in the picture (Tebbe muck spreader body has a 25t capacity) is heading to the UK sometime this summer. The AT5105 will be available in limited numbers from 2019. Prices have not yet been released.


Ploeger field tests first five wheeler.

Monday, 11 June 2018

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