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Information about Tractors and Machinery

Welcome at !!

We can hear you thinking….again another new website on the internet ?
Stop thinking…!! is not just a website !!

Created after an experience for many years with European and North-American
farm-equipment dealers, wholesalers and importers,
has finally the intention to become the " Business point " between on the one hand
all trading-companies and on the other hand all international potential buyers.

The support-team behind Tractors and Machinery has more than 20 years of international
experience with purchase, sales, support and service of used tractors and machines in Europe
and North-America, and also with all items concerned, like international payment traffic, shipping,
road transport, air freight, container transport and all the accompanying paperwork.

View the drastic and fast international developments in the agricultural and industrial business,
the support-team of Tractors and Machinery has finally set up this " Business point " to bring
both parties international, faster and easier, together to realize finally a much faster flow of your
used tractors and machines.

We hope that you enjoy our website of and we wish you a lot of
success with the international walking and talking on the " Business point " !!

 With kind regards, your support-team of Tractors and Machinery