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Quieter and faster Lely Astronaut milk robot

Lely has remained faithful to proven automatic milking techniques developed over the past 25 years, but says it has redesigned every part of the new Astronaut A5 milk robot. The most noticeable change is the hybrid arm, which is claimed to be not only quieter and faster than the arm on the existing A4, but also more accurate, uses less detergent and water, requires 20% less energy and reduces maintenance costs.

Designed to increase cow comfort, during milking the arm remains close to the udder and quickly corrects itself during any unexpected cow movement. Lely says this ensures a fast and thorough milking process, even with heifers. The new teat detection system ensures faster teat cup attachment and pre-scanning the udder improves post-milking teat spraying. The A5 also features a redesigned user interface with all relevant information displayed on a single page.

Compatible with the A4, the Astronaut A5 is the result of an extensive worldwide test program with over 30 customers and more than 2 million milkings.

Quieter and faster Lely Astronaut milk robot

Friday, 13 April 2018

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