Pöttinger comes with a compact 9m Hit

Described by its maker as a compact and cost-effective tedder suitable for mounting behind a 60hp tractor, Pöttinger's Hit 8.9T provides a working width of 8.86m. Previewed at Agritechnica last November, the Austrian manufacturer says the eight 1.42m diameter rotors guarantee a tidy crop pick-up and spread pattern.

Sitting below the 11m 10-rotor Hit 10.11T, the spreading angle on each rotor on the 8.9T can be adjusted in five different positions (without the need for tools), while the design of the rotor arm prevents crop from snagging or wrapping around the rotor. The firm reckons the design of the sweeping arms 'pulls' the tines, which reduces the stress of them and helps to extend life expectancy, and bolting the tine carrier arms to the hub is claimed to improve stability with no increase in weight.

Other features include Liftmatic Plus intelligent hydraulic control, which provides a high ground clearance when turning at the headland and leaves swaths intact when driven over. The system uses a double-acting cylinder to shift the rotors to the horizontal position, and then raises them. The new tedder, which will debut at Grassland UK in May, folds to a compact storage height of 2.70m.

Pöttinger comes with a compact 9m Hit

Friday, 23 March 2018

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