Servo 3000 ploughs up to 200 HP

Pöttinger introduces the new Servo 3000 hitch-mounted reversible plough in the medium power class up to 200 hp. The engineering department of the company borrowed many of the features of the more powerful Servo 4000 to unite durability, easy operation and good results.

Servo 3000 ploughs are available with three to five furrows, as well as various point-to-point spacings and underbeam clearances. The series includes the SERVO 3000 Standard and Servo 3000 N with Nova hydraulic stone protection and Servo 3000 P with Plus furrow width adjustment. The Servo 3000 PN has both the hydraulic stone protection and furrow width adjustment.

The newly designed Servomatic control centre with its four-joint linkage enables quick and easy setting up the plough correctly and adjust it for different tractor geometries. The curved cast yoke means the front furrow width can be set to cover tractor inside track widths of 1,000 to 1,500 mm. A clearly visible scale helps to find the right spindle measurements. Hydraulic adjustment is also available as an option. The beam spindle is located inside the casing and thus protected from dirt. The pulling point is preset at the factory and does not need to be corrected. Any adjustment that may be desired for special circumstances, such as ploughing on a slope is nevertheless easily performed using a spindle or a limit stop.

Safe operation under tough conditions

With the Nova hydraulic stone protection system,  the Servo 3000 N and PN models are suitable for tough working conditions on stony ground. The stone protection system’s cylinders are arranged between the pressed mounting brackets where they are protected from dirt and damage and pressure is gently applied to them. The result is adjustable triggering pressure from 1,200 to 1,500 kg which increases during triggering, ensuring rapid re-penetration of the mouldboard. During triggering, the mouldboards can move 42 cm upwards and 20 cm to the side.

Turnover mechanism and beam construction guarantee long service life and safe operation. Heart of the turnover mechanism is the 110-mm-thick hollow shaft which runs on widely spaced bearings in the robust headstock. In addition, the large turnover unit ensures gentle reversing and reduces the forces exerted. For greater strength, the holes in the 120 x 120 x 10 mm frame have been reduced and the pivot points for furrow width adjustment have been placed outside the beam. 

Economy and efficiency

To exploit the tractor’s pulling power to the full and increase power to the ground, the Traction Control pulling power booster can be integrated into the headstock of 5-furrow models. A hydraulic cylinder transfers more weight to the tractor’s rear axle. The resulting improved traction reduces slipping of the tractor’s rear wheels, thus lowering fuel consumption and increasing output.

Quality of the wear parts, gentle reversing and ploughing with a furrow press increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Servo 3000 still further.

Pöttinger offers mouldboards in various shapes and with various material properties for all soil types and ploughing strategies. A wide range of additional tools such as skimmers and disc coulters are also available. Jockey wheels are available as pivot depth wheels, dual depth wheels and transport pivot wheels in various sizes, enabling exact depth control.

Servo 3000 ploughs up to 200 HP

Monday, 18 September 2023

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