Band spraying with the Jumbo-Stream

As much as necessary, as little as possible, that is the goal of modern "fusion farming". With the new Jumbo-Stream front tank for liquids, Einböck offers further solutions for combined weed control. In combination with the Chopstar row-crop cultivators, the new front tank enables efficient mechanical weed control, as well as simultaneous band spraying or fertilizing.

Stricter regulations, more frequently occurring resistances and a more ecologically compatible application of plant protection, leads to the search for solutions to reduce these funds. The strategy of mechanical-chemical weed control, using a band sprayer on a row-crop cultivator, meets all these requirements.

The advantages of combining hoeing and band spraying are obvious:

Efficient and precise weed control in the row by band sprayerRemoval of late weeds between the rows by row-crop cultivatorSavings in working costs and spraying costsBreak open of siltation and crustsNutrient mobilization through soil aerationCombination of two operations in one pass

Precision through state-of-the-art camera technology

The Jumbo-Stream offers a tailor-made solution for the application of liquids, such as pesticides, liquid fertilizers or plant additives. In combination with a row-crop cultivator, this allows working processes to be combined efficiently, the reduction of application rates and the effectiveness of weed control to be increased. Thanks to camera-controlled hoeing technology, not only the hoeing elements are precisely guided between the rows, but also the nozzles are guided exactly above the row of plants to be treated. The result: most of the weed control is carried out with the row-crop cultivator and only a very small area is treated chemically.

Advanced technology for more comfort

The Jumbo-Stream front tank has its own hydraulic pump, pressure regulator, clean water tank, cleaning system, integrated electronics and individual nozzle control. The front tank is handled via ISOBUS and up to 18 rows can be controlled automatically, using the optional "Section-Control". Numerous equipment variants round out the overall package. For example, a choice can be made between one or two nozzles per row or a nozzle on the shares for liquid fertilizer application. The height adjustable nozzles guarantee optimum adaptation to the crop and are protected from damage by a leaf deflector.

Accuracy of fit and 100% compatibility

Each Jumbo-Stream front tank is individually adapted to the row-crop cultivator and configured accordingly, guaranteeing complete compatibility and operational reliability. The combination of Jumbo-Stream and Chopstar row-crop cultivator with the Row-Guard camera steering system,  results in a powerful and effective solution for weed control in row crops.

Jumbo-Stream product features:

Front tank volume 1100 literHydraulic pumpIntuitive ISOBUS handlingOptional: Section-Control single row control via ISOBUS and GPS2x 65 liter clear water tankCleaning hoses with clear water directly from the tractor cabLevel is measured electronicallyOptimized filling and cleaning of the tubesTechnical dataJumbo-Stream 1100Tank capacity (l)1100Tare weight (kg)220HandlingElectronic (ISOBUS)Clean water tank (l)2 x 65Front linkageCat. IIPump capacity (l/min)200Level indicatorElectronic

Band spraying with the Jumbo-Stream

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

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