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330 Hp articulated Beast from the East…

Belarusian manufacturer Amkodor appears to be close to launching its first tractor, a nearly 16t heavy articulated version called the 5300. Previewed at the Belagro show last year, the 330hp tractor has been spotted several times since in Belarus.

The technical details are limited, but power comes from an 8-litre Stage II turbocharged MMZ (Minsk Motor Plant) common rail block, with Bosch electronics.

Many of the internal components, including the 16f x 2r powershift, are outsourced. Designed to lug cultivation kit, there is a rear linkage and pto, but this only works at 1000rpm, and the maximum hydraulic flow is 150lit/min. A front linkage is available as an option and the diesel tank holds 980 litres. With a 3.7m wheelbase, on the standard 710/70R42 boots the 5300 comes in at 2.6m wide and 3.8m tall and reaches a top speed of 37km/hr.

Never heard of Amkodor? Founded over 90 years ago, holding company JSC Amkodor has 29 businesses and three factories. Headquartered in Minsk, the company makes mixer wagons, wheeled loaders, mowers, telehandlers, grain driers and forestry equipment, to name but a few. Main markets include eastern Europe, Africa, Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

It remains to be seen whether this first 5000 Series tractor will ultimately be joined by smaller or more powerful siblings. There are no price or availability details, and while we don’t expect to see the 5300 in the UK anytime soon, the cab complies with EU regulations and Amkodor has fit some of its construction machines with Perkins engines to gauge European interest.

330 Hp articulated Beast from the East…

Friday, 3 August 2018

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