JCB ends production of Fastrac 3000 Series

Production of JCB's Fastrac 3000 Series has ended after 20 years. Launched in 1998 to replace the 100 Series (135, 155 and 185), the spec of the first 3000 Series models, the 150hp 3155 and 170hp 3185, included a 65km/hr Autoshift 54x18 transmission (three-speed powershift and automatic shifting modes) and triple link front suspension.

The Smoothshift transmission and electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS) came in 2001. The rounded engine hood and roof panel styling marked the 2002 launch of the 193hp 3190 and 220hp 3220, and in 2003, the 173hp 3170 acquired the same styling and specification.

The 2006 introduction of common rail fuel injection engines brought more torque at lower revs plus a further power increase to the now two-model range comprising the 198hp 3200 and 230hp 3230. Major powertrain changes came with the 2011 launch of the 3000 Xtra tractors, which introduced JCB's P-Tronic 24x9 semi-powershift transmission (six powershift steps) and the Xtra-Drive feature that operators could use to bring the tractor to a halt and move off again using only the brake pedal.

The inclusion of AGCO Power 7.4-litre Stage IIIB engines gave the Fastrac 3200 Xtra driver a choice of 190hp or 220hp outputs, while the 3230 Xtra provided 230hp or 260hp. Final significant upgrades came with Stage IV engines, control refinements for the P-Tronic transmission, and yellow wheel rims for the first time.

The final 3230 Xtra off the assembly line is destined for a customer in Australia, and as the 3000 Series bows out the focus at the Cheadle factory in Staffordshire is now on the 4000 (175-235hp/top speed 60km/hr) and 8000 (306-348hp/capable of 70km/hr) Series.

JCB ends production of Fastrac 3000 Series

Thursday, 12 April 2018

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