Tomahawk for bedding, feeding and spreading

The Tomahawk 500B Turbo Mill, the latest version of the Teagle Machinery-manufactured bale processor, enables bedding material to be processed outside the building. Reducing entry points for both vehicles and people, the technique is designed for pig and poultry buildings and dairy cubicles where short chopped straw is used as the main bedding material.

Distribution of the material into a building (moisture content up to 20%) can be achieved through a fixed manifold system and/or 127mm flexible pipe using a quick-fit connection to the mill. The mounted machine is remotely controlled up to a maximum distance of 100m.
Requiring a minimum tractor power of 120hp, both the rotor of the mill and the independent hydraulic system to the high capacity turbo fan are pto-powered.

The mill offers a choice of screens from 8.0mm to 60mm and the 1.5m diameter drum can be configured for both round and rectangular bales. With a minimum tractor power of 120hp, Tomahawk 500B prices start at £20,925 (exc. distribution manifold/flexible pipework). The machine will be launched at the Pig & Poultry Fair, in May.

Tomahawk for bedding, feeding and spreading

Thursday, 5 April 2018

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