Kuhn expands trailed sprayer range

KUHN Farm Machinery has added four new models to its Oceanis 2 trailed sprayer range: the 5002, 5602, 6902 and 7702 with tank capacities of 5000, 5600, 6900 and 7700 litres respectively. Available with all-aluminium booms in widths of 24 to 48m, all four are fully ISOBUS compatible, enabling them to be operated from a single in-cab terminal. A separate control box places key sprayer controls (section control, boom height and angle) within fingertip reach.

The four are available with the Multispray electric nozzle holder system, which says Kuhn, enables in-cab nozzle selection, automatic nozzle selection to suit the forward working speed and maximise variable rate application accuracy, plus individual nozzle control to reduce overlapping.

Other features include the e-Set cleaning system, which automates the tank rinsing sequence, and the EasyFlow system in the chemical induction bowl allows chemicals to be added and containers to be cleaned without the risk of the operator coming into contact with any harmful substances. The tank’s agitator is automatically switched off to prevent excessive foam creation and to reduce the ‘dead volume’ of product left in the tank.
The self-levelling boom system (Boom Assist Total Pro) is equipped with a ‘hybrid mode’ which uses three sensors to distinguish between crop canopy and ground level. The firm says this improves spraying accuracy in high density crops such as OSR or potatoes, and in lodged crops.

Fitted with polyester tanks with internal baffles for improved machine stability, drawbar, axle, parallelogram and boom suspension systems provide additional stability when spraying and during transport. Prices start from £77,952 for the Oceanis 5002.

Kuhn expands trailed sprayer range

Thursday, 22 February 2018

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