Holmer’s flexible sugar beet cleaner loader

Described as an easy and cost-efficient solution to clean and load sugar beet from the field, Holmer’s RRL 200 eco can be moved, and the 9m³ bunker loaded, by a wheeled loader, excavator, tractor or telehandler. Powered by a 75hp Perkins Stage IV engine, which operates at a fuel-efficient 1200rpm, beet is cleaned by a finger roller system and an auto-reversing stone separator roller.

The speeds of all cleaning system components are continuously and independently adjustable via remote control, and the arrangement of the cleaning elements over the chassis leaves plenty of space for the soil to fall to the ground. The RRL has a transfer reach of up to 9.50m for bridging ditches, hedges ditches or embankments. The maximum transfer height is 5.50m and the loading arm pivots by up to 125°. Transfer capacity is around 200tph.

The machine folds to 3.0m, and on the road the front-mounted engine counterbalances the unloading arm for an optimum weight distribution, allowing the RRL to be transported at 40km/hr. the standard spec includes six LED work lights, and Holmer says the hydraulically foldable supporting legs and remote-control adjustment options make the beet-cleaning loader easy to use in a very short time.

The RRL 200 eco is available from Agrifac UK.

Holmer’s flexible sugar beet cleaner loader

Thursday, 7 December 2017

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