Green combines get performance boost

Built to take over from the rotary S600 Series combines introduced in 2012, one of the big talking points of the new for 2018 S700 Series models is the option of Deere’s latest variant of its established Interactive Combine Adjustment system, ICA. Known as ICA2, the new system can automatically alter various settings to optimise performance. Naturally, ICA2 has grabbed the headlines. But the standard ICA system has also received an update, a revised interface making it easier to access the menu systems to simplify adjusting settings such as grain quality and losses.

It therefore no surprise that it is in the cab that customers will spot the most obvious difference between the S700 and its predecessor. The starting point is the new CommandPro joystick. This has up to seven individually programmable shortcut buttons to allow the operator to customise the most useful functions to include an interface with ICA. The new joystick shares its design with JD 6230R and 6250R tractors and is clearly the start of an interface change we can expect to see across other Deere products. Colour coding and back lighting of the controls will certainly help users get used to what is on offer.

Next up is the new GSD 4600 display, its operation functioning like a mobile touchscreen device to include a swipe function that allows swapping between on-screen menus. The layout can be customised according to harvest conditions, the job to be done or to suit how the operator likes to see how the combine is performing.

On the header front, the existing 600R and 600X Series are joined by a new 700PF Series Premium Flow unit. Offered in cutting widths from 6.7 to 9.1m (22 to 30ft), the 700PF is fitted with a high capacity 710mm intake augers purpose developed to handle larger volumes of material. The 700D draper header, with its belt feed system, has also been redesigned to boost performance in tall oilseed rape crops. New features include larger diameter augers, stronger slip clutches and improved seals.

Green combines get performance boost

Thursday, 17 August 2017

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