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KORT Agricultural Mechanization

Quality, reliability and personal service.

KORT Agricultural Mechanization is a versatile agricultural mechanization company with locations in Zwiggelte and Erica in the province Drenthe and in Stadskanaal in the province Groningen.

Leader in the field of agricultural mechanization, KORT supplies a complete range of new and used agricultural machinery, such as tractors and combines, industrial and construction equipment such as wheelloaders and mini-excavators, but also milking machines and livestock equipment.

KORT Agricultural Mechanization is your address for sale, rental, maintenance and inspection of new and used agricultural equipment, such as tractors, forage harvesters, combines, hay equipment, wheelloaders, mini-excavators, fork-lifts, as well as your address for all your new spare-parts.

Some of our brands
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Service & Workshop

KORT has at all locations modern workshops. Our technicians are well trained and still get training on a regular base. We have our own certified COM/VCA inspectors, installation technicians of air conditioning systems and SKL certified inspectors for plant protection equipment and tractors. Naturally we also have well equipped service vans, for service at location or at customers place.

Tractor Inspection Centre
As a specialist in the agricultural engineering, KORT Mechanization has a certified tractor inspection centre. This concept, developed by BP, ensures our customers a high level of technical inspections. Inspections are supervised by the independent testing institute IMAG-DLO, based on specialist know-how and using sophisticated inspection equipment. KORT Tractor inspection centre is a fully independent testing centre. You are welcome with any brand of tractor. Tractors can be checked on a wide variety of items, such as: power output, fuel consumption, electrical systems, hydraulics and actual 3-point lifting capacity. Also, safety items such as steering, brakes, lights and tires will be tested and approved according to the legal requirements.

COM SCC Inspection Centre - Guarantee for security !
From the ARBO law, employers are responsible for safety, health and welfare of their employees. They are therefore obliged to ensure the safety of their equipment. Employees must be confident that the equipment they are using is safe. It is the responsibility of the employer to prove this. Employers are increasingly responsible for accidents involving technical defects. At the request of the Labour Inspectorate, the employer must demonstrate that it has done everything possible to ensure the safety of the existing equipment. An official test report from a COM SCC inspection company in this case is the best safeguard. KORT is a certified COM inspection centre and is therefore be able to check almost all of your equipment, such as;

  • Tractors;
  • Fork-lifts;
  • Agricultural Machinery;
  • Lawn and Garden Machinery;
  • Earth moving equipment;
  • Electric workshop tools.


Mechashop is the online parts warehouse for the agricultural mechanization.

A webshop full of agricultural parts and tools. Besides filters, bearings, lighting, paint and fixing equipment, Mechashop also supplies parts for maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery.

You will find here also service-tools, fixing equipment, workwear, PPE and toys.

Mecha Shop is the place for business and individuals !

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